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Some times in the middle of the night, i get up thinking that i should be preparing for my CAT entrance exam, then another night i might be busy browsing the internet searching and understanding the most sought after web technologies the likes of  Ruby On Rails and others trying to learn some thing new to enhance my existing Software Developer profile.At some point of time its the Job satisfaction that i get from digging deep into the software code, and at some point its the dreams of the materialistic pleasures of an MBA from a top class B School that tempt me.

When i was  done with my high schools, i didn’t knew what to do.Since all my friends where taking up science i did the same.The only thing that i was really sure of taking was my optional subject Informatics (a Computer Course), and may be my reason to pursue a  computer science engineering degree.So i took up Computer science since i wanted to.But soon after i got my degree and my job, my interest started to grow making me wonder, was i really supposed to be a Software Engineer or some thing else.God knows.With a little interest in writing,and a little in photography, i started reading books and took to writing in my  free time.Now i feel like i must  pursue an MBA, though my only interest of pursuing one are purely monetary.But still it makes me think all the time that Who am i really,what am i supposed to be,A software developer,a writer,photographer,an MBA what??

Even though i have varied interests, still i’m equally interested in all.I want everything in life,after all who doesn’t.So lets hope and work hard to strive to achieve whatever i desire and deserve in this lifetime.I’m ending this post on a happy note waiting for  next morning to achieve whatever i missed today.


Written by italespinner

October 4, 2012 at 6:05 pm

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