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Different Genre of Baldies

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Disclaimer:The below post is not indented at any person or thing.Its just for fun and is expected to be taken in that sense only.

Baldness is a common phenomenon now days specifically in the ever booming IT industry.Young guys in the their early 20s have started to show signs of early baldness, and its really funny how some try to hide their baldy patch in front of others.Based on how some people hide their baldness they have been categorized below:

1)  Mr. Left partitioned: Some people who used to do a left parting, on getting some baldy patch tend to part their hairs from right, which gives an all together different look while some get a weird look.

2)  Mr. Right partitioned: Its just the vice versa of Left partitioned.On getting baldy patch they tend to do a right partition to hide their baldness.

3)  Mr. Unpartitioned: Some people who seems to show a much more when parting either ways, tend to leave their hairs unpartitioned giving a ruffled look all together.

4)  Mr. No Hair Cut : Some people who get a baldy patch right in the center are left with no option but to grow their side hairs so as to cover up for their center baldy patch.They never seem to get a hair cut.

5)  Mr. Shiny Pate: Some people are brave enough to shave off their left over hair to get that ultra Shiny pate.Hats Off to them for having the guts to enjoy their baldness.


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October 5, 2012 at 5:39 am

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